Facetime with Scott 

Let’s face it, there are times when we all could use a little one-on-one help. Need help with a specific topic? Spend some time asking those burning questions, get some Lightroom help, learn OCF lighting from basic to advanced, post production, business, pricing, gear, shooting, finding models, etc.

Mentoring sessions start from $125.00 per hour.  




Shoot-design-sell is a workshop designed to improve your album sales strategy and increase your profit margin without costing you an extra dime. It will not only teach you how to create and sell beautiful albums, but it will enable you to increase your bottom line by thousands of dollars each year. The program is designed to teach you how to shoot for wedding albums that move your clients to spend more then you ever imagined they would. It will show you how to price your albums for the highest profit, how to design the album for the greatest impact, and how to close the deal at the album consultation. This two day workshop will also include behind-the-camera time with both the bride and groom together and individually to tell a more romantic story. We will cover posing, lighting, and location selection. You will see how the image selection process is handled and how the album is designed and presented to the client to get them away from the numbers and into the emotional purchase frame of mind. 

Tuition for this workshop is $600.00 per student. (Limit 15 per class)