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15 March 2016

Aspiring model Ksenia Delova doing what she does best, working on an amazing portfolio of images.

14 March 2016

Pushing the limits of creativity can be challenging. I had seen something similar somewhere and really wanted to try it. MUA:Felicia Villalobos

12 March 2016

Alexis Santiago and Amy Elisa come together to create a stunning portfolio of images for a concept shoot with a bohemian feel.  

12 March 2016

Meet Ksenia, a Russian born model living here in Houston TX. All we needed was an open field and a couple of outfits to make some truly beautiful images. Oh, and is it me or is there a little Angelina in her?

11 March 2016

When I first met Haley Davis it was for a test shoot, but after reviewing the photos it struck me that at the right angle she kinda looks like Marilyn Monroe. So I pulled up as many Pinterest photos on Marilyn as I could and a concept came together. I pitched the idea to Haley […]

11 March 2016

In the following video I show just how far you can take a photo to make it fine art. As you will notice briefly in the beginning of the video the image was captured in an open field. Bill was in open shade, the sun was coming from behind, and I was using a 42″ […]

11 March 2016

I’ve photographed Amy Elisa a couple times before. Once for a test shoot and another for a Boho concept shoot with Alexis Santiago. This time however I was after one image, something I had been inspired to do. Of course hair, makeup, and wardrobe play a huge roll in any shoot, but sometimes lighting is […]

11 March 2016

Retouching is can be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding parts of being a professional photographer. Knowing the tools and having a touch of skill in photoshop can turn average photos in to extraordinary works of art. For this image, Haley Harris, deliberately wore no makeup. The following video is an excellent example of […]